Monday, November 24, 2014


BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided, Anti-tank missile) – 3088

In service: 1970-present
Designer: Hughes Aircraft Company
Designed: 1963-1968
Number built: ~700,000

BGM-71B – 1.16 m;
BGM-71C – 1.41 m (probe extended), 1.17 m (probe folded);
BGM-71D – 1.51 m (probe extended), 1.17 m (probe folded);
BGM-71E – 1.168 m
Diameter: 152mm
Launch weight:
BGM-71B – 18.9 kg;
BGM-71C – 19.1 kg;
BGM-71D – 21.5 kg;
BGM-71E – 22.6 kg
Warhead weight: 3.9-6.14 kg
Wingspan: 0.46 m

Operational range:
BGM-71B, BGM-71C, BGM-71D, BGM-71E – 65-3,750 m;
BGM-71F – 65-4,200 m;
BGM-71G, BGM-71H – 65-3,750 m;
Speed: 278-320 m/s

Armor penetration (est.):
BGM-71B – 430 mm (exact value);
BGM-71C – 630 mm (exact value);
BGM-71D – 900 mm;
BGM-71E – 900 mm (behind a layer of ERA)
Guidance system: Optically-tracked, wire-guided

BGM-71B: BGM-71A variant; improved range
BGM-71C: BGM-71B variant; Improved TOW (ITOW) w/improved shaped-charge warhead
BGM-71D: BGM-71C variant; TOW-2, improved guidance, motor and enlarged main warhead
BGM-71E: BGM-71D variant; TOW-2A optimized to defeat reactive armor with tandem warheads
BGM-71F: BGM-71D variant; TOW-2B top-down attack variant using explosively formed penetrators
BGM-71G: BGM-71F variant; different AP warhead; not produced
BGM-71H: BGM-71E variant; «bunker buster» variant for use against fortified structures

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