Sunday, November 23, 2014

FIM-92 Stinger

FIM-92 Stinger (Man-portable surface-to-air missile)

In service: 1981-present
Designer: General Dynamics
Designed: 1967
Manufacturer: Raytheon Missile Systems
Unit cost: $38,000
Produced: since 1978
Variants: FIM-92B, FIM-92C, FIM-92D, FIM-92E, FIM-92F, FIM-92G, FIM-92H, FIM-92J

Weight: 15.19 kg
Length: 1.52 m
Diameter: 70.1mm
Crew: 1
Effective firing range: 4.8 km (FIM-92C Stinger-RMP Block II)

Warhead weight: 3 kg
Engine: Solid rocket motor
Guidance system: Infrared homing
Launch platform: MANPADS, M6 Linebacker, Eurocopter Tiger, AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, MQ-1 Predator, AH-64 Apache, T-129 ATAK

FIM-92C, Stinger RMP: The resistance to interference was increased again by adding more powerful digital computer components. Moreover, the software of the missile could now be reconfigured in a short time in order to respond quickly and efficiently to new types of countermeasures. Until 1991, some 20,000 units were produced for the U.S. Army alone.

FIM-92E: Stinger RMP Block I: By adding a new rollover sensor and revised control software, the flight behavior was significantly improved. Additionally, the performance against small targets such as drones, cruise missiles and light reconnaissance helicopters was improved. The first deliveries began in 1995. Almost the entire stock of U.S. Stinger missiles was replaced by this version.
FIM-92J, Block 1 missile upgrade to replace aging components to extend service life and additional 10 years. The warhead is also equipped with a proximity fuse to increase effectiveness against unmanned aerial vehicles.

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