Monday, November 17, 2014


M224A1 LWCMS (Lightweight Company Mortar System)

In service: 1978-present

Caliber: 60 mm
Weight: 21.1 kg
Barrel length: 1 m
Crew: 3
Rate of fire: up to 20 rpm sustained, 30 rpm in exceptional circumstances and for short periods
Effective firing range: 70-3,490 m (HE – High explosive)
Feed system: manual

The M224 system is composed of the
M225 Cannon: 7 kg
M170 Bipod: 7 kg
M7 Baseplate for use in conventional mode: 7 kg; or
M8 Baseplate for use in handheld mode: 2 kg
M64A1 Sight Unit: 1 kg

The M224 Mortar can fire the following principal classifications of service ammunition
High explosive (HE): Designations M888, M720, and M720A1. Used against personnel and light material targets
Smoke Cartridge (WP): Designation M722. Used as a screening, signaling, or marking munition
Illumination (ILLUM): Used in night missions requiring illumination for assistance in observation
Training practice (TP): Designation M50A2/A3. Used for training in limited areas. These rounds are obsolete and not used anymore

Red Phosphorus: Which can be seen with or without a Night Vision Optic
Full Range Practice Cartridges (FRPC): Designation M769. This round is used for practice or clearing misfires
M1061 MAPAM: SAAB Technologies produced Multi-Purpose Anti-Personnel Anti-Material round

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