Friday, November 14, 2014


M777 (Light Towed Howitzer) – 1001 in Army, ANG and Marine Corps

Manufacturer: BAE Systems' Global Combat Systems
In service: 2005-present
Number built: 1098

Caliber: 155 mm
Weight: 3,420 kg
Combat – 10.7 m
Travel – 9.5 m
Barrel length: 5.08 m

Crew: 7+1
Shell: M107, M795, ERFB, M982
Carriage: split trail
Elevation: 0° to +71.7°
Rate of fire:
Normal – 2 rpm
Maximum – 5 rpm

Effective firing range:
M107 – 24 km
ERFB – 30km base bleed
Excalibur – 40km
CEP (Circular Error Probability): 2 m (M982 Excalibur round)

M777 – gun with optical fire control
M777A1 – digitisation upgrades with the addition of an on-board power source, satellite global positioning, inertial navigation, radio, Gun Display Unit (GDU) and Section Chief Assembly (SCA)
M777A2 – Block 1A software upgrade. Addition of an Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter (EPIAFS) to enable Excalibur and precision munition compatibility

The M777, combined with the Excalibur GPS-guided munition, almost doubles the area covered by a single battery to about 5,000 km².

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