Saturday, November 22, 2014

M120 / M121

M120 / M121 (Mortar System)

Caliber: 120 mm
Maximum range: 7,240 m
Minimum range: 200 m

144.7 kg without ammunition
326.1 kg when mounted on trailer
Rate of fire: 16 rounds/min first minute, 4 rounds/min sustained
Crew: 5
Feed system: manual

The M120 mortar system consists of the following major components:
M298 cannon assembly (50 kg)
M190 bipod assembly (32 kg)
M9 baseplate (62 kg)
M1100 trailer (181 kg)
M67 sight unit (1.1 kg)

The M120 is capable of firing the following munitions:
XM395 precision guided munition
M929 smoke cartridge
XM930 illumination round
XM930E1 illumination round
XM931 practice round
M933 high explosive round
M934 high explosive round
M934A1 high explosive round
XM983 illumination round

The M120 is transported on the M1100 Trailer by the M998 Humvee

The version that is mounted on the M1064 and M1129 mortar carriers is known as the M121

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