Thursday, November 13, 2014


Stryker (Armored fighting vehicle) – 4466

Manufacturer: General Dynamics Land Systems
In service: 2002-present
Unit cost: $ 4.9 million (2012)
M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) – 16.47 tonnes
M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS) – 18.77 tonnes
Length: 6.95 m
Width: 2.72 m
Height: 2.64 m
Crew: Varies, usually 2
Passengers: Varies
Armor: 14.5 mm resistant

Main armament:
M2 .50 cal. machine gun or Mark-19 40 mm grenade launcher mounted in a Protector remote weapon station (RWS)
Secondary armament:
Browning .50-cal M2 MG and M240 7.62 mm MG (MGS)
Engine: Caterpillar C7 260 kW (350 hp)
Power/weight: 15.8 kW/t (19.3 hp/tonne)
Suspension: 8×8 wheeled
Operational range: 500 km
Speed: 100 km/h

M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV): armored personnel carrier version that provides protected transport for 2 crew and a 9 man infantry squad, and can support dismounted infantry.
M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV): used by RSTA Squadrons, moving throughout the battlefield to gather and transmit real time intelligence/surveillance for situational awareness.

M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS): version armed with an 105 mm M68A1 rifled cannon, an M2 0.50 caliber commander's machine gun and two M6 smoke grenade launchers.

M1129 Mortar Carrier (MC): armed with Soltam 120 mm Mortar supports infantry with screening obscurants, suppressive forces and on-call supporting fires.
M1130 Commander's Vehicle (CV): provides commanders with communication, data, and control functions to analyze and prepare information for combat missions; can also link to aircraft antenna/power for planning missions while en route aboard aircraft.
M1131 Fire Support Vehicle (FSV): is organic to provide surveillance and communications (4 secure combat radio nets), with target acquisition/identification/tracking/designation being transmitted automatically to the shooting units.
M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV): provides mobility and limited counter mobility support. Integrated into the ESV are obstacle neutralization and lane marking systems and mine detection.
M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV): is the en route care platform for brigade units, part of the battalion aid station, providing treatment for serious injury and advanced trauma as an integrated part of the internetted combat forward formation.
M1134 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle (ATGM): is a missile vehicle armed with the TOW missile to reinforce the brigade's infantry and reconnaissance, providing long-range anti-tank fires against armor beyond tank gun effective range.

M1135 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBC RV): automatically integrates contamination information from detectors with input from navigation and meteorological systems and transmits digital NBC warning messages to warn follow-on forces.

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